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BLACKWIDOW MOTORSPORTS...a little about us.

How we started
Jim and I have known each other for over 45 years and over those years spent a good amount of time together messing with cars. Buying and selling parts, traveling the U.S. and going to car shows. 31 years ago the conversation during one of those long trips the topic shifted from work and life to things we had as kids. Turns out we both had Rupp Roadster/2's during those formative years. Before you could say "Rupp's Rule!" Jim and I both had bought a bike to relive old memories. But what about parts? We had bikes but they needed parts to make them useful again. We put our years of auto parts scrounging to work and bought quite a few old dealer inventories around the state. Still we didn't have several items we needed to restore our Rupps, or our friends Rupp's either as others seemed to be bitten by the Rupp bug too. It was at this time we decided to see what parts we could have remanufactured. It was slow at first. We had to find suppliers, make sure the part was "just right" to our high standards, and that it was affordable. Soon we had a core amount of new parts as well as our large holdings of NOS Rupp parts and accessories. We started bringing Rupp parts to automotive swap meets and the response was overwhelming. So many people remembered Rupp's as kids that we then began expanding our remanufacturing to include many more items that folks needed. We started using the internet and found that there were many, many people out there who shared our enthusiasm. We are enjoying our Rupp's today as we did those years back when working evenings and weekends in our garages we tried to find the best NOS parts and think about where we could get new parts made. We now work full time to bring you.....our customers...the parts and knowledge to enjoy your Rupp mini bikes. link to more info

Our Philosophy
Our goal is rather simple. We want you to enjoy your visit here. When you buy parts from us your order will be packaged safely and shipped in a timely manner. Customer satisfaction is what we strive for. We like to think that we don't sell to "customers" we sell to friends. For over 30 years we have helped thousands of Rupp enthusiasts fix up, restore, enjoy, relive memories and create new memories with their own kids. We are dedicated to bringing you the best we can provide in service and information. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks! link to more info

Here is a line-up of great minibikes!