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This page will show photos of different Rupp minibike technical items that we get asked about. We hope it helps you in working on your Rupp projects.
1968-69 Tecumseh H-50 throttle linkage arrangement.
Vintage RUPP and later/newer minibike throttle linkage for HS Tecumseh engines
1971 BlackWidow Govenor disconnect from factory.
1971-1975 Rupp Throttle Linkage
1970-75 Rupp Rear shock disassembly This shock wrench fits 1970-1975 Rupp minibikes. Put bottom end of shock in a vise. Compress spring with a caulking gun ( or other method ) Use wrench to unscrew intermediate bushing. Remove pin, washer and rubber bushing. Reverse to put shock back together. Clean or chase threads in lower shock tube. Lubricate or grease internal parts. Note- more tech photos on the right of this page. Here is a link to a you-tube video:


1969 headlight wiring
1970-1975 Roadster/2 Headlight Wiring
1970-1975 Rupp Tecumseh Lighting Coil Wiring Plug
1964-66 RUPP Continental optional chrome exhaust pipe. We would like to reproduce this pipe. If anyone would be interested in loaning us one please let us know. Jim @ BlackWidow Motorsports 763-458-2134
1970-1975 Swing arm bushing replacement: If your swing arm has dimples like these you will have to drill them out in order to remove the bushings first. You can hammer the old bushings out or use a press. Depends on how handy you are or if you have the tools. New bushing should go in with mild tapping if the inside of the swing arm is cleaned. Apply liberal grease to the metal part of the new bushing.